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Cloud Backups

Protect your Data

What is a Cloud Backup?

A cloud backup enables your organization to send a copy of your cloud data to another location so that if your data is compromised, you can restore information, ensure business continuity, and defend against devastating IT crises.

In addition to protection against data loss or viruses, many businesses need to secure cloud data to meet industry standards or regulations. Not doing so can result in costly penalties and fines.

The Cloud Back up is the purpose-built backup and recovery cloud that provides flexibility for clients.

Providing offsite images of backups and protecting them from harm through multiple layers of security, clients can be assured that their data is secure and recoverable. And in the case of a recovery, the Cloud Back up offers more functionality and better performance at a lower cost than similar solutions.

• Geographically distributed for safety and data sovereignty
• Multiple security layers including 2-factor authentication
• Proven technology serving over 10,000 restores per month
• Exabyte scalability supporting over 1 million end-clients
• Remarkably simple pricing with no hidden fee

The design principles behind the Cloud Backup are simple. Provide an immutable backup repository that secures all client backups while providing a resilient, scalable platform for cloud-based recovery.

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Geographically Distributed
  • Proven Technology
  • Simple Pricing – No hidden fees
Secure digital space. Virtual confidential, programming protection.

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