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Content Filtering Solutions


What is Content Filtering?


Content filtering software is used to screen and exclude access to sites that are questionable or undesirable, and it is used for both businesses and residential clients.

Some of the things that a home or business may choose to exclude using content filters include:
  • Social networking sites
  • Spam sites with malware or other viruses
  • Hate sites and sites with violent content
  • Adult content
Content filtering is important because it can keep viruses from installing on computers. It is meant to keep your network safe.
Malware can get installed on a computer by simply visiting a website that has it running in the background, through emails, and even through executable files.
While the junk mail folder can help mitigate some of the spam risks, there are still some fraudulent emails that manage to slip through the cracks and make it to your inbox. If you click a link, download a file, or even reply to the email, you could end up installing malware.
Content Filtering is so important to block access to malicious content.

How does content filtering work?

It works by establishing rules for the kind of sites that the computer or network can visit. It uses keywords and other common things between sites to group content into different categories. These can include social media, gambling, adult content, streaming and more.

What is the benefit to you and your company?

This can boost productivity as it keeps employees off of distracting sites, and it keeps you from having your system slowed down or corrupted by an employee accidentally downloading a trojan.
Content filtering is great for schools and home to keep kids from visiting certain sites.
Content filtering can be customized to fit your needs.

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